We understand switching to a new way of working can be daunting and that you are likely to have questions before moving to a shared office space.

To help you in your decision make process, we’ve answered the most common coworking space questions. We also list the many benefits of switching to a co-working space.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a shared office where individuals and businesses can work. Typically, there are a wide selection of desks, comfortable seating areas, meeting rooms and quiet spaces available to hire. Depending on the establishment there are often shared facilities, including a kitchen area and toilets. Some coworking spaces have child care, games rooms, and other recreational facilities. As a relatively new business we are yet to be able to offer some of these added services but we will be considering these in the future.

Is using a coworking space tax deductible?

This is a complex question with lots of factors to take into consideration. The rules differ depending on whether you use a coworking space occasionally or on a permanent basis. We suggest speaking to your accountant for the most up to date and reliable information. As far as we understand it you can ‘expense’ any costs relating to shared office working. These can sometimes include commuting costs.

How does coworking space work?

Procedures differ between coworking offices. Some, like us, work on as pay as you go basis, whereas others require you to be a signed-up member. We recommend taking a look at your chosen coworking space’s website to find out their policy ahead of your first visit.

If you plan on using the same coworking space on a regular basis, it might be worth asking for a tour. This will enable you to get a feel for the place and decide whether the set-up is right for you. Many shared offices run welcome days, events and drop-in sessions. These are a great introduction to co-working and do not require further commitment.

How do I find coworking space?

There are lots of coworking spaces to choose from across the UK. They are predominantly based in major town and cities. To find your closest shared office, we recommend Googling ‘coworking space near me’. This should return plenty of results that will allow you to pick the most suitable option.

Purple Office is one of the newest coworking spaces in Dorset. We hope to service workers from Dorchester, Weymouth, Bridport, Portland and the wider Dorset area.

What are the benefits of using a coworking space?

Coworking spaces have grown in popularity in recent years and it’s not difficult to see why. Shared offices offer a host of benefits, that are difficult to replicate in a traditional working environment.

One of the main benefits of using a coworking space is the flexibility it enables. You won’t have to worry to about committing to a costly lease, simply come and go as you please.

Coworking spaces are move-in ready and furnished to high standards with fantastic facilities. Communal areas give you plenty of opportunity to meet other people and expand your business network. They’re a great option when travelling away from home and ensure you always have a comfortable base from which to work.

Best of all, coworking spaces are cost effective with no hidden costs. You’ll know exactly what is and isn’t included in your plan upfront.

Can you rent coworking space for a day?

It is sometime possible to rent coworking space by the day, but this will depend on the rules of the venue. At Purple Office coworking space in Dorset, we don’t have contracts and work on a pay as you go basis. This means you can pop in for the day or just a couple of hours at a time.

Not being tied into a contract gives you complete flexibility – one of the major benefits of choosing to work in a coworking space.

What are the differences between coworking space and a traditional office?

There are many differences between traditional offices and coworking spaces. It’s necessary to take these into consideration, before deciding where to work. To ensure maximum productivity it’s important to ensure the set-up is right for you and conducive to your working style.

Traditional offices give you full creative control over the space. You can configure the furniture as you want and introduce lots of branding. There will be plenty of privacy and you can create an office culture that aligns with your brand.

In coworking spaces, you won’t be able to influence the design of the building, but you will have full use of the shared facilities. There will be lots of choice when deciding where to work and plenty of opportunities for collaboration and networking with like-minded individuals.

How much does coworking space cost?

The cost of using a coworking space varies around the country. It is dependent on a number of factors including location and facilities on offer. Prices are usually very competitive and a great option for workers looking for a quiet and comfortable place to work. Using a coworking space is much cheaper than renting an office and provides more flexibility and convenience.

At Purple Office our prices start from £13 for 2 hours desk hire. We also have a zoom room, meeting room and booths available to hire. Use our price calculator to work out an accurate cost for your requirements.

Is coworking space cheap?

Using a coworking space is a cost-effective way of working outside of the home. When you factor in use of the space, Wi-Fi, electricity and facilities, we think it’s great value for money.

Who uses coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are frequented by lots of different types of workers. In our opinion, this is one of the major selling points. You’ll meet people from different walks of life, which can help foster new friendships and working relationships.

Shared offices are popular with many types of people including, students, freelancers, artists and remote workers. They’re also a great choice for people travelling, small teams and start-ups.


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