The term coworking spaces is being used more than ever before. However many people will be wondering who uses coworking spaces and what types of people and businesses are these? Here we take a look at the different sorts of professions and individuals who are most suited to this increasingly popular form of working situation.


The principles of a coworking space are familiar to most freelancers. They are a group of workers which have always benefited from the advantages of basing some of their working hours in a shared office. This environment helps to provide freelancers with the freedom that many of them crave. It allows individuals to mix with like minded professionals and can often lead to some fantastic networking opportunities.  Our secure offices are open 24/7.  This means we’re ready for you whatever time of the day you prefer to clock on.

Use co-working spaces to video conference

Home-based worker

Working from home has never been as popular as it is today.  And since the start of the covid pandemic it has become a transition that many people have made. However many home-based workers occasionally require a more formal working space to carry out their day to day duties. This is where coworking spaces are invaluable. Say goodbye to working from your bedroom!

working from home

The flexible use of an office space, such as at Purple Office, means that you’re able to use our facilities to suit your work patterns. Whether it has been born from the desire to have more human interaction or simply the need for a more suitable working set up, co-working spaces can significantly benefit your well being as well as productivity.

Road warrior

Many roles involving sales, which previously required workers to drive seemingly endless miles up and down the motorways of Britain are experiencing a shift to more of an office based role. They are now benefitting from conducting more meetings online which is providing much more efficient. Having access to a co-working space enables this group of workers the freedom and flexibility to hire a desk and stay in touch with their business contacts in a professional way.

There will occasionally be the need to have a face to face catch ups with colleagues and clients. However the time saving, well being and environmental benefits of switching many meetings to video conferencing are extensive. Minimise the frustrations of car travel and shift to sending emails from an office chair rather than a car seat parked in a lay-by.

use co-working spaces

Office facility needs

The other types of people and businesses who use co-working spaces are ones who need to use the facilities on offer. Finding a professional meeting room to hire or private space to meet clients can from time to time prove problematic for some people. Sometimes the local coffee shop just isn’t suitable. Plus if you need to have a videoconference then the private facilities which many coworking spaces provide are invaluable. Whether you prefer Zoom, Skype, Teams or FaceTime – we have the right tech ready to get you talking.

videoconference facilities


Make the switch to a co-working space

Purple Office is a coworking office in Dorset. We have totally flexible pay-per-hour office facilities which you can use right away.