Virtual Office Services in Poundbury near Dorchester, Dorset

Our Virtual Office facility allows you to use our professional, commercial address in Poundbury in place of your home address.

A virtual office is a cost effective option

The current economic climate calls for more affordable options for both start-up and as well as established businesses. This makes our virtual office service one of the most sought-after solutions for your office space needs. The trend of ‘flexible working’ is also promoted through this office space medium. It allows tenants to work from home during hours that suit their personal preference.

With many businesses operating remotely or without an office at all, a virtual office is a perfect way to maintain professionalism and local presence without the cost of maintaining a physical office.

Prestigious business address

With our support you can combine the flexibility of working remotely with all the benefits of having a permanent base at our Poundbury Purple Office. This works well to help improve your professional image, establishing a presence in a new market or setting up your business in a different location.

Your business could benefit from affordable rates and a prestigious address. Well known as Price Charles’ model town, Poundbury is built on Duchy of Cornwall land. It is now a well established development in the heart of South Dorset. The urban extension located on the outskirts of Dorchester has a distinctive traditional architectural feel. It benefits from good transport links, few parking restrictions, tree lined avenues, open green spaces and a mix of residential, commercial and retail in every zone.

A more professional address
Market your existing business in a new area
Mail handling and forwarding
Enhanced privacy for your home-based business
Maintain a local presence
Perfect for Google and business directory listings

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We’ll be offering Virtual Office services ahead of our full co-working office launch. Get in touch for all the latest developments or to register your interest.

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