If you are enjoying Purple Office and your coworking experience, why not recommend a friend? As a current user of Purple Office, you can bring your colleagues and connections to the workspace and earn yourselves credit or a discount on your monthly membership.

Account top-up.

Refer a friend that registers and tops up a minimum £50, and you both get an additional £50 credit free to enjoy.

If you are already signed up on a monthly membership, we will offer 20% off your next month.


Register Your Referral

referral offer 50
referral offer 50 monthly 2

Monthly membership.

If you refer a friend that signs up to a monthly membership, we will offer a 50% discount on your friend’s first month, and 50% off your next invoice.

If you are not on a monthly membership yourself, we will provide you with £50 free credit to use pay-as-you-go.


Register Your Referral

Referral Enquiry Form

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Referral Terms & Conditions

  1. You must have a registered account with Purple Office to be able to refer an individual
  2. You must not have a negative balance
  3. The reward is only available when a New Customer signs up for the first time, and their booking app registration date is after the referral form has been received
  4. New Customers are identified as being unique individuals. The same person registering under two or more unique email addresses will not be eligible
  5. To receive your reward as a referrer your referee must either:
    1. Top up £50 credit or
    2. Pay for their first (discounted) months membership
  6. To receive your reward as a referee, you must either:
    1. Top up £50 credit or
    2. Register for the unlimited monthly membership plan so we can discount 50% off your first month
  7. In supplying contact information to Purple Office, the referrer must have the referee’s permission
  8. When following up an enquiry, Purple Office will reference the referrer as the source of the enquiry
  9. Purple Office reserve the right to refuse referrals
  10. Purple Office also reserves the right to adjust, suspend or stop the referral scheme at any time and without notice