When working in an office it is always polite to be aware of others. We actively encourage positive workplace habits in our coworking space. Being respectful and courteous of everyone who is using our the coworking facilities will help to contribute to productivity and encourage a professional working environment.

Here are a few pointers to be aware of to help things run smoothly for you and others who are using our desk hire and meeting room facilities.

Tidy work and communal spaces

Keeping Purple Office a tidy space means that it is a more pleasant place to work. We also think that clean spaces help to encourage better work output. We therefore encourage all visitors to do their bit to keep their work areas tidy as well as cleaning up after using the shared kitchen facilities. Please don’t start eyeing up anyone else’s food that’s in the fridge – we’re not a student house!

tidy desk

Interact with others

At Purple Office we are all for sharing ideas and collaboration. There are a number of spaces where we encourage our visitors to do this. The kitchen area and relaxed coffee shop style seating areas are perfect for getting to know others better who are in the office.

co working office interactions

Plugged in

If you prefer to listen to music or podcasts while you work then please bring your headphones in. This is much more preferable to broadcasting your favourite tunes on a speaker. If you see others with headphones on and their head down it’s probably a good sign that they want to be left to get on with their work.

Headphones on

I’m on my mobile!

We know that making some noise is inevitable in a co-working environment. However please try and respect others who are trying to concentrate on their work. We kindly ask everyone to try and keep telephone conversation volumes as low as possible. If you need more space to express yourself you can always hire one of our zoom booths or our meeting room.

phone call co working office

We hope these workplace habits and tips will help you and others when using our desk hire and meeting rooms. Here’s to a happy and productive coworking space!