Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. Registration
    1. Members can register via the Membership Enquiry Form at:
    2. Membership will become active after your application has been reviewed and processed by our team.
      1. If successful, your account will be identified as a Membership account in our Booking App.
  2. Entitlements
    1. Membership entitles the account holder to unlimited access to the Open Plan Coworking Space at Purple Office (all areas except the Meeting Room).
    2. Typical Opening Hours are 7am to 10pm every day, including weekends and bank holidays.
      1. Members may reserve one seat per attendee in advance at no additional cost.
    3. Limitations may be imposed at the sole discretion of Purple Office to prevent over-booking and non-attendance.
    4. Members receive a 50% discount from the prevailing rate for Guests.
    5. Members receive a 50% discount from the prevailing rate for Meeting Room Hire.
    6. Members may also receive a range of discounts, subject to availability, from Third Party Partners.
  3. Obligations
    1. Members must maintain a non-negative account credit balance in order to be able to access Purple Office.
    2. Members agree to pay their monthly invoice by Direct Debit.
    3. Members will ensure all invoices are paid on or before their due date, in the event of a failure of the Direct Debit collection.
      1. Purple Office may without notice suspend Membership in the event of late payment.
    4. Members agree to accurately and honestly account and pay for Guests and Meeting Room Hire when these services are used.
    5. Consumables must not be removed from Purple Office.
    6. Members agree for Purple Office to hold the minimum required amount of Personal Data for the ongoing management of your account.
      1. Your Personal Data will not be shared with any third parties except where required by law.
  4. Notice and Initial Term
    1. Memberships starting on any day other than the 1st of the month will be considered to start in Month Zero which will be billed proportionally to the end of the Calendar Month.
      1. Memberships starting on the 1st of any Calendar Month will be considered to start in Month 1.
    2. There is currently no initial term.
    3. Members are required to provide Notice of one full Calendar Month for Cancellation.
      1. Notice provided on any day other than the 1st of the month will result in Cancellation at the end of the next Calendar Month.
      2. Notice can be given during the Initial Term to be issued after the minimum initial member term. 
    4. Notice must be submitted via the Membership Contact Form at:
    5. Purple Office at its sole discretion may refuse to issue a Membership and may withdraw your Membership at any time.
  5. Limitations
    1. Once activated in our Booking App, Membership is non-transferrable in any way at any time, including to another individual or organisation.
    2. Use and consumption of our Facilities and Consumables, including but not limited to printing, are subject to fair use at the sole discretion of Purple Office.
      1. Purple Office reserves the right to recoup any losses arising from misuse, removal or excessive use of Facilities and Consumables.
    3. Member benefits and discounts provided by Third Party Partners are subject to withdrawal at any time and are honoured at the sole discretion of the partner.
      1. Purple Office does not in any way recommend or guarantee the quality of products or services offered by Third Party Partners, nor is it liable for any losses arising from use of such products or services.
      2. Members are expected to behave in a responsible and respectful manner when visiting participating Third Party Partners. 
      3. In the event of damage to premises or other losses caused by Members to participating Third Party Partners, Members consent to Purple Office cooperating and sharing Member contact details with those partners.
  6. Whole Venue Bookings
    1. Purple Office reserves the right to host Whole Venue Bookings.
    2. Purple Office will be unavailable to Members during Whole Venue Bookings.
    3. Members will be notified of upcoming Whole Venue Bookings via our Booking App with a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice.
    4. Purple Office will limit the acceptance of Whole Venue Bookings to the following:
      1. Saturdays and Sundays any time.
      2. Weekdays (Monday to Friday) after 18:00.
      3. Weekdays before 18:00 a maximum of 4 days in any calendar month.
  7. Changes to Terms
    1. Purple Office reserves the right to change, update or append to these Terms at any time and with immediate effect with the following exceptions:
      1. The Initial Term for an active Membership may not be changed.
      2. Any changes to the Notice Period of an active Membership may only be enforced one full calendar month after notifying the Member of such a change by email to their registered email address.
      3. Any changes or additions which cause a material change to your financial commitments in relation to an active Membership may only be enforced one full calendar month after notifying the Member of such a change by email to their registered email address.
  8. January 2024 Unlimited Membership Offer
    1. No other offers running alongside the January 2024 half price unlimited membership offer, such as the Referral Scheme, will be valid if tried to use at the same time.


Booking App – The web-based booking service located at

Calendar Month – Any complete month, from the 1st day to whichever is the final day number in that month. Calendar Months will vary in respect of their number of days.

Cancellation – The point at which Membership is no longer active, monthly payments will cease, and the former Member is no longer entitled to the benefits of Membership.

Consumables – Coffee pods, kitchen towels, paper, toner, office stationery, toilet rolls, soap and other removable items provided for the comfort and convenience of Members.

Facilities – All functions, infrastructure and capabilities of Purple Office including but not limited to electricity, water, waste, WC, kitchen facilities, internet access, printer, screens, desks and chairs.

Guests – A non-Member who is attending Purple Office while accompanied at all times by a Member.

Initial Term – The minimum duration for which monthly Membership must be paid.

Meeting Room Hire – Reservation and use of the glass-walled Meeting Room at Purple Office.

Member(s) – A named individual, registered on our Booking App, who is paying for Membership.

Membership(s) – A fixed monthly payment for unlimited use of the Open Plan Coworking Space plus additional benefits.

Membership Enquiry Form – The online contact form located at this URL:

Month Zero – For Memberships starting on any day except the 1st of the month, Month Zero describes the first calendar month during which Membership commences (i.e an incomplete calendar month).

Notice – An instruction received by Purple Office from a Member to request the Cancellation of their Membership.

Open Plan Coworking Space – All seating positions at Purple Office except the glass-walled Meeting Room.

Personal Data – Any information which may personally identify you such as name, phone number, email address and postal address.

Purple Office – The physical office premises at 6 Crown Square, Poundbury, Dorset DT1 3EN, or where applicable to the context, its owners and management representatives.

Signup/Signed Up – Following receipt of your completed Membership Enquiry Form and the subsequent acceptance of your application by Purple Office, the point of Signup is when your account is first labelled as a Member in our Booking App.

Terms – The rules and conditions set out on this webpage.

Third Party Partners – Organisations outside of the influence of Purple Office who may typically but not exclusively offer discounts on their products or services to Purple Office Members.

Typical Opening Hours – 7 days per week between 07:00 and 22:00.

Whole Venue Bookings – Reservation of the entire Purple Office space by one individual or organisation for their exclusive use.

Working Days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.