Demand for a shared office, or coworking space, has dramatically increased in recent years. The pandemic especially forced challenges and changes, but businesses adapted and soon realised that employees working remotely was not just possible, but could in fact be beneficial. With increased flexibility being offered to staff, coworking spaces boomed in popularity as people yearned for a new environment away from their usual space.

There are many key benefits to a shared office space, but first, let us explain exactly what one is.

What is a Shared Office Space?

A shared office space provides freelancers, entrepreneurs, on-the-road employees and more to a single shared space where different teams and companies can come together. With the option to book a desk, or book out meeting rooms, a shared office can be used by all.

As workers are demanding more and more the flexibility in how and where they work, a shared workspace is becoming more the norm. From business to individual alike, all parties are finding the benefits to a shared office space.

Video conferencing facilities

Improved Networking

There is a natural collaborative nature to a shared office space. While you should always respect a businesses privacy, a conversation with a stranger may spark while making a coffee in the open kitchen or eating breakfast at the breakfast bar. This could lead to further opportunities as you network with like-minded professionals around you.

At Purple Office, we also offer our venue for hire. Meetings, seminars and workshops are all possibilities in a coworking space which offers greater opportunity for networking.

Lower Costs

A large benefit to a shared office space, especially for individuals or start-ups, is the lower costs. You might be at an early stage of business, or freelancer, so some larger costs may be out of reach. Many coworking spaces offer free Wi-Fi, printing and more as part of your session or membership fee. This may be enough for small businesses on a tight budget to sway them into avoiding service charges and cut out many of the usual overheads associated with a long-term office lease.

Amenities and Services

To expand on the above, many valuable services are included already as part of the session or membership package. It’s not just cost-effective, it can also help keep your mind clear and focused on work rather than the large overheads. Services vary depending on the facility you go to, but at Purple Office we offer:

  • Superb video conferencing facilities
  • High speed internet and Wi-Fi
  • IT support backed by Purple Computing
  • Free printing facilities
  • Free parking
  • CCTV for extra security
  • Shared kitchen with free Nespresso coffee and Clipper tea included
  • A clean, updated, well maintained office and equipment

kitchen facilities at purple office


Most coworking spaces don’t require you to sign up to long-term contracts. In fact, at Purple Office we offer fully flexible office space that you can rent by the hour with no booking necessary. This way freelancers and start-ups have are able to keep it affordable for when they’re starting out and don’t need an office just yet.

You can start with as a little as one desk and have the flexibility to expand as needed. This gives the you opportunity to grow your team at your own pace.

Increased Productivity

When working from home it’s easy to slip out of structure and routine with no one watching over you or peers by your side. Sharing a workspace with a bunch of driven and focused coworkers is a surefire way to boost your own productivity.

We also find that traveling to a space dedicated to working helps with a more productive mindset going into your day.

Impress Clients and Stakeholders

Coworking spaces are a great way to impress clients and stakeholders, especially if your current office is a little outdated. Shared office spaces have been made to be modern, trendy, comfortable, and with high-tech equipment in mind. This all adds to a creative, inspiring atmosphere that that reflects well on your business.

coworking office in Dorset

How Purple Office Can Be The Ideal Shared Office Space For Your Company

As you can see from the key benefits listed above, there are many ways to how Purple Office can help you with a perfect coworking solution. Purple Office provides a beautifully designed and flexible pay-as-you go workspace or venue hire for an individual or team. You can find out more about our services here and book a session after signing up on our web app.