Help When You Need It

At Purple Office we have a wide range of facilities, some of which might not be immediately obvious how to use!

Our coworking space is managed by our app so that members can come and go whenever they like. For this reason, there may not always be staff members on hand for assistance.

So – from the kitchen appliances to the printer and presentation screens, we have made a selection of little videos and guides to help familiarise you with the space, get the most from your session, and resolve any problems you might encounter.

You can contact us at any time to seek help if the information provided here doesn’t answer your question. We’re backed by our partners, the excellent team at Purple Computing, for technical support and general assistance.

Looking for our FAQs?

This section is geared towards existing members, but if you’re a first-timer then check out our Tour and FAQs page.

Help Panels

Throughout the office you will find these little QR codes which direct you to the relevant help page for that item. If you can’t read the QR code with your device, the corresponding website URL is also shown underneath.

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What Do You Need Help With?

Still Stuck?

Call or email us any time if you need help with any of the facilities. We’re backed by the excellent team at Purple Computing for both general office and technical support, any time you need it.