In this blog post we’ll be sharing some of the best memes about the world of coworking. If you’ve ever worked in a coworking space, you know that it can be an amazing experience. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and the opportunity to collaborate on projects is a great way to boost productivity and creativity. But, let’s not forget about the added perks such as networking and the community feeling. These memes will give you a good laugh and remind you of the benefits of working in a coworking environment. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

drake coworking meme

Move away from the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop with all the noise and people knocking into your chair. Let’s not forget the cost of coffee throughout the day. At Purple Office we supply complimentary Nespresso coffee and Clipper tea as part of the service!

Pikachu coworking meme

Surprise! All of these benefits are fairly standard across coworking spaces nowadays, but it’s still nice to know that you can get all of these perks for the cost of desk hire. When you add electricity, water and heating to the list, it makes you wonder if working in a coworking space is cheaper than renting an office or even working from home.

home or office coworking meme

We’ll let you into a little secret; it doesn’t have to be either! Most coworking spaces should offer comfort, office supplies and services such as printing and Wi-Fi and great coffee as part of your service. Pro tip: if they don’t have good coffee, find a new coworking space!

home working distraction meme

Working from home may sound ideal and it certainly has its benefits. There are downsides though, such as how easy it is to be distracted. It could be a child, pet, chores that you decide to do, or maybe you just choose to take a little lie down instead when you should really be working. Working in a shared office has the benefit of being more flexible and serviced, and yet will still keep you focused on your work.

coworking corporate meme

A lot of people think coworking is just for freelancers. But coworking can include startup employees, small business owners and corporate employees. Larger companies may use the space for holding interviews, training sessions, away days, using meeting rooms, and as a cheaper alternative to renting a full time office space if there is no need.

star wars coworking meme

If you are fortunate enough to work remotely in your job, whether full-time or hybrid, please make the right decision and choose to work from a coworking space. Don’t be like Anakin 🤦‍♂️


Ahh a fellow person of culture. Coworking does have that effect.

comic coworking meme

Don’t disregard the obvious just because it’s not (yet) the norm. For small business and start-ups, using a coworking space can be much cheaper then renting an office. Never mind the cost of the office itself, but when you factor in electricity, heating, broadband, printing and more that you’ll find free as part of desk hire in a coworking space, it becomes obvious which is the better, and cheaper option.


So there you are – an easy to understand meme guide explaining coworking to your family and friends. If some of these coworking memes have tempted you into trying coworking, and you’re local or visiting Poundbury, Dorset, take a look out our flexible coworking space and sign up via our web app here.