The last couple of years have been very challenging for nearly every business in the UK. The uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic has created has permeated through every industry and affected the way most people carry out their day to day work duties.

This year, could you be taking a new approach in the way you do business? Here we take a look at how you could transform the way you work in 2022.

Get good sleep sign

Focus on your sleep patterns

Getting eight hours uninterrupted sleep is not easy for a lot of people (especially if you have young children!). If you are finding it difficult to get going in the morning then consider having a lie-in to ensure you are fully charged for the day ahead.

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we need to take care and listen to our bodies more. Ensuring that we are healthy should help to decrease anxiety levels and increase energy levels right through the day.

Take a proper lunch break

Ensuring that you have regular breaks from your desk is really important. It allows you to decompress and get away from your screens. Lunch breaks are really important. They allow you to refuel your body and clear your mind. If you can get out for some fresh air you will feel the benefit. There are lots of great places near our coworking offices in Poundbury to take a 30 minute stroll through our leafy surroundings.

Taking a break can also inspire problem solving. How many of us have been stuck on a task for a good while, then when you stretch your legs a potential solution can pop into your head. Often a break from your work station can spark new ideas.

Lunch break. Sitting on a bench.
Health & Wellness

Set out well-being goals for the year ahead

Setting realistic goals for you, other employees and your business as a whole has always been a fundamental task for most senior managers. It is a great way to concentrate on what you want to achieve over the calendar year.

However, rather than trying to get the most out of others, you are likely to be better off meeting people’s core needs so they are inspired to bring more of themselves to work each day. Focussing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of yourself and others will pay off. In simple terms, the more satisfied and engaged people are work the better their performance will be.

Get a new outlook by trying a coworking space

If you are one of the many people who have are now working from home why not consider a change of scene? Coworking offices are a great, low cost, alternative to working from home or shelling out on renting an entire office space.

Coworking spaces can really transform the way you work and offer you many new opportunities. These can include escaping the make-shift home office, meeting like-minded people who you can network with and providing you with a new purpose built environment for working. You can hire a desk for as little as £5 per hour and have the flexibility to come and go as you please.

coworking office in Dorset
Stressed worker

Review your weaknesses

Whether you consider yourself to be a perfectionist, find it hard to delegate or need to reduce the amount of unpaid time over servicing clients, there are all things we can do to make our working lives more efficient.

If you can look to improve on your weaknesses and let others deliver their responsibilities then you should find that you are less stressed out and not working all hours of the day.

We hope these five sections provide you with some good pointers and can help transform the way that you work in 2022.