Are you finding that working from home is not the ideal solution for maximising the output for your job? Here we take a look at 5 points to consider if you’re thinking about moving your home office to a shared office space.

Networking opportunities

When working from home, chatting on video call meetings can be restrictive for inspiring creativity and flowing conversation. Working alongside similar business minded people in a shared office can open doors in ways you may have not thought of before.

As well as placing yourself in the right surrounding for work, shared office spaces also allow you to be based alongside like minded people. This promotes the opportunity for networking and building relationships with others who can have a positive effect for you and your business.

networking opportunities

Fewer distractions

Working from home can have it’s advantages however there are an abundance of things which can distract you from your duties. Whether it is domestic chores, pets and family members interrupting you or home deliveries, concentrating on your work duties can become tricky.  Basing yourself in a shared office space will mean that you are shielded from your any interference from your home life.

working from home distractions

Better ergonomics

Working at home can sometimes mean a less organised work station. Propping your laptop up in a bedroom or on a dining room table can mean that your posture will suffer. At Purple Office we have installed the latest office furniture and equipment. This ensures that you can set up your work station with us to comply with workplace ergonomics.

Bad posture.

Professional surroundings and facilities

It can be easy to slip into a more relaxed mindset and become distracted when at home. Being in the right space to output high quality work can make all the difference. Our shared office space has been designed to ensure you are in the right place to do everything you need to do for your job.

We have all the office facilities you would expect such as meeting rooms and video conference call booths. We haven’t however neglected some of the other ‘essentials’ to get you through your day. The kitchen area includes tea and coffee making facilities as well as fridge freezer, dishwasher and microwave. Along with a 40 inch TV. Check out the layout designs for our offices.

Office visuals. Shared office in Dorset.

Leave your work at the office

At the end of the working day knowing that you can walk away from your computer and inbox can be reassuring for many people. This is one of the beauties of a shared office space. At Purple Office we’re open 24/7 so we’re ready for you whenever you need us. Our desk hire services are easy to use with a dedicated app to book and gain entry to our offices in Poundbury.

leave work